Chris' Literary Works     From Blue to a Gold Star Go to: With a young family and bright career future ahead of him, First Lieutenant Clarence R. Green meets his destiny in a trench somewhere in France during the First World War. From 100 years ago, local newspaper articles, his letters home and family photos tell Clarence's story. A story of heroism and self-sacrifice. A story of a small Iowa town's courage amid the anguish wrought by war. Read the First-Person accounts that changed a family and a community. Letters Home: Viet Nam 1964 Go to: Letters Home: Vietnam 1964 is framed around an Army Corpsman’s letters home from the nascent Vietnam War. Little has been written about the U.S. Army Medics doing MEDCAP work in Vietnam. This story of medical teams in the Delta region is told through photos, v
 PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS Here's a link to my Flickr photo collections. You'll see three albums there:  my 2003 trip to Tennessee, an area of the Western Theatre of the War Between the States (US Civil War), photos of my year (1964) as a soldier in Vietnam down in the delta, south of Saigon, and wonderful photos of my dog, Rontu (1989-2005). I still miss that Lab.
  Already six months now into the COVID19 shelter in place.  I've had plenty of time to read and write during this time. I finished the narrative of my GGrandfather's journals, then I wrote a small book about my Grandfather and the 168th Inf. during the First World War.  I then dusted off an old, unfinished project: my year in Vietnam, way back in 1964. I'm almost finished with that book after some 50 years of thinking about writing it and writing it. All three are here listed below. I'm learning how to market and get the word out about these three works. I've started with promoting and offering two of them through The PDF is large so I'd need to send it to you via Dropbox. Except for Blurb Bookstore, I do all my own fulfillment. Please visit for more info. Thanks, Chris   Works of Chris Newlon Green:  "A Civil War Narrative: Journals, Letters and Verse of William Clark Newlon"       Go to: 
Final chapter of Will's second journal. Go to to learn how you can get a PDF of Will's two journals. Chap 11    One-Legged Brigade Jan. 1 st , 1863 General Hospital Jackson, Tennessee      Another New Year I must spend in the army, but somewhat different from the way I spent last New Year. Last I spent merrily in St. Louis enjoying good health and plenty to eat.   This day I enjoy neither. But on the contrary, I am suffering intense pain caused by the wound received at the Battle of Mattemora [Metamora] Oct. 5 th , 1862. We are on half rations and a very poor quality at that; caused by being cut off from the point of supplies.      On that day, I enjoyed the society of comrades. Today I am compelled to lay [ sic ] in a loathsome hospital; a place that I detest above all others on earth. I have been in the service of my country nineteen months. During all that time, I never was sent to a hospital; only when I was wounded and then there